A dose of festival love - Morning Gloryville

A few words from Chris Flack, organiser of Morning Gloryville Dublin. 

A lot of my friends think I'm nuts running Morning Gloryville (the sober morning rave), as it's a lot of work for a very small return.  However, I run it cause I love it.  Until I’d been to my first one in London I thought it was going to be full of hippies chanting and sharing herbal tea tips.  How wrong I was.  I was a raver in the 90s and Morning Gloryville invoked the same rush of energy up my spine whilst sober as a pile of chemicals had delivered back in the warehouse days.  We often get those feelings during the summer season of festivals but they are rare.  And the words 'love' and 'community' aren't often used at music festivals but I'm a yoga teacher and I'm gonna use them as they are what makes Morning Gloryville.  

Ministry of Sound in London are now hosting the London version of Morning Gloryville, a sober morning rave.  Recognition that this movement which is all about 'love' and 'community' is here to stay.  Basement Jaxx play a regular set in London and Le Galaxie performed at our last episode to 400 ravers.  The difference between this and a normal club (aswell as it being sober and starting at 0630!) is the inclusion.  You are met by our morning angels who compliment and hug you.  You can't deny the benefits of a good alde cuddle.  And with that you immediately drop your inhibitions and let go.  Add this to big name DJs, a massage/yoga area and circus acts and you get a dose of festival love all before you go to work.  The concept is 'conscious clubbing' and the buzz is insane.

Morning Gloryville is now in 21 cities around the world and our next episode in Dublin is on the 3rd June.  Tickets are available at http://mgvdub11.brownpapertickets.com/

Chris runs Morning Gloryville Dublin with his business partner Tara McGuiness (Body & Soul Curator).  Chris is also a yoga teacher and fundraiser with MS Ireland.